Thursday, June 28, 2012

Under Construction Until Late Summer :)

Hi! I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! Well for a short time anyway.  :)

I had not been doing well. Trying to do what I can at home to help out my husband, dealing with the kids and my own inability to accept my lot in life. Actually I am not completely sure I have accepted my back issue yet, but I am definitely working on it and doing a little better. I am leraning to pace myself so I don't end up in bed the next day. Those days are really hard and I was having a lot of them. So much for helping! It's also really hard to type or do anything productive at those times.

 Also around that time I found pinterest! Wow! That is fun! I am so addicted to it. So many neat ideas!!!!! And this was easy to do laying down, didn't have to do anything but use my mouse! Perfect!

So anyway, the kids are out of school now and I have been trying to do what I can with them. I am looking at new blogging styles and techniques as well as a new name to combine everything I like to do and make it easier on myself. If you have any suggestions for a new name let me know. Leave me a comment :)

Be ready for some cool and fun stuff once the kids get back to school. All 4 of them will be in school all day! I will actually have time to get my blogging done! I have caught up with the tech world a little too! I finally relented and got a smartphone, well an iphone to be exact. My mom said I would like it and use it more than I thought I would.. Gues what? Mom is right. It is so much easier to look for deals among other things. I absolutley love it!!! This will be a real assett to my blogging too.

I missed blogging. I will be back!!!! Maybe then I will chare some if my summer endeavers :)

Sorry for the book! I always intend short and sweet, and end up with something longer. Wish I had that problem at school! Praying for a wonderful summer for everyone!

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