Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Christian Music :)

The radio station I listen to most is KLOVE. I have a tag or link for them on my home page somewhere. This is my favorite station.
There are many reasons behind me telling you about the station and none of them involve money :)

1. they have free music downloads. Only 1 at a time, but they change on a regular basis. Today's song is Forever Reign by One Sonic SocietyWho can complain about free music? well I have been because I am having problems downloading it today for some reason!!!

2. This is the most Positive and Encouraging (Their tag line) radio station I have ever heard. The dj's are fun and talk about stuff that is relevant to you, the music is great and it helps lift me up on a really bad day. Some days when certain songs are played, it's like they are being played for me. Lots of listener's feel this way. :)

3. Helps to being you closer to God, closer to Christ, especially if you do not have many other positive things going on. Life is hard, this helps.

4. This radio station is nationwide. There are some states that don't have it yet, (because it is completely listener supported, but they are making progress) but you can listen to it online :D

To find out more information about it go here.

To download your free song go here.

To see if KLOVE is on a station near you go here.

I really enjoy listening to this radio station and if you try I hope you do too:)

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