Monday, June 6, 2011

10 Reasons To Think Positive

10 Reasons to Think Positive
            I tried coming up with a list for why a person would want to think positive. Maybe give a little motivation to want to do it. :) 

1. Happier- you become an all around happier person. You are not stressing yourself out with all the negatives.

2. More Patient- because you are happier, you have more patience to deal with the daily chaos of life.

3. Healthier- while some stress is good, there are many stressors that cause unhealthy living. Emotional eating, deepening depression, anger, heart problems, lung problems if you smoke, to name a few. When you think positive there is less of a need for these unhealthy coping mechanisms. You want to feel good.

4. More energetic- negativity takes alot of energy and drags a person down. Negativity may seem easier at the time, because you have to conciously think positive, it is more energy zapping in the long run.

5. Friendlier- when you are happy, you are nicer.

6. More approachable- because you are friendlier, peolple are more apt to want to talk to you, to not be afraid of you, or steer clear of you. You draw people in.

7. Life feels a little easier- when you think of all your blessings, you concentrate on the good parts of life. You also become something of a magnet for good things.

8. More Peaceful- when you are thinking positive, you don't concentrate on all the little negative things going on.

9. More Productive- because you have more energy, you have more time to get other things done. You have more "brain" power to concetrate on what you need to do.

10. Role Model- you become a better role model for your children. You teach them how to become a happy, positive thinking person. Helping them to lead a better life.

I am sure I missed a few reasons. These are all I could come up with right now. If you can think of anything let me know!!!

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  1. These are all so true! I know that when I'm in a negative mood, nothing productive gets done, I'm moody, etc. When I'm positive, it feels like everything is going to be ok!