Monday, March 7, 2011

News to me!

I always try to be super mom, super wife, cook, house cleaner, you name it I try to do everything, too much and all at the same time.
Naturally this doesn't work. My husband has been trying to tell me this for years. With 4 kids, it didn't take long for me to realize that I am not super mom. I have moments where I wish I was, but I know I am not.
When I started blogging, my intention was to try to do a major blog with everything I enjoy and what is important to me. I had difficulty making that flow, so I added two more blogs.
There are days where I cannot even make it on this one let alone do what I need to for my other ones. I think I have written 3 posts on one blog~that one has become combines with this one~for my sanity. I need these positive thoughts.
The next blog I started was my saving money and super shopping in my area. I liked this one, I love to shop and have no money to, so how perfect!
When I tried a blog challenge, I found myself so overwhelmed by what I already was behind in doing that I never participated. See, I was trying to be a super blogger! One that knew nothing about it at that!
Therefore I have come to the conclusion that I need to concentrate on one blog.
With everything going on my home, I know in my heart this is the one I need to concentrate on for awhile. This one holds my heart. It's about my son, myself, my family and trying to keep sane amongst it all.

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  1. You can't do it all I know for years I have been the same way try to do it all try to help everyone still do but realize. I can't I now have to really on others for help that is very difficult. Again I wish I was closer to help but actually don't know how much help I would be. I am always available with a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to or yell at if it helps. Love you swettie wish life was easier and kinder to you. Love mom xoxoxo