Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day!

So what do you do when your kids have a snow day, and emotions are already running rampant?
With all four kids in the house today, M and B are both emotional and think they can do anything they want, C actually is a lot better than she has been (which I am very thankful for!), and R is used to being home alone with me and not liking the sharing so much. M can't play with R because they fight too much and the R starts to get in more trouble and M is totally out of control at that point. B would rather hide in his room listen to his music and play his psp, give dirty looks to anyone that tries to talk to him, so he is not doing anything with anyone. Me? I am already ready for a nap. My back has been really hurting, which I think might be because of my fall, but I was kinda getting used to the pain getting better! Hubby is at work (which with all things considered is probably best!)
Still fighting with the insurance company and doctors office for my disability pay. One place says they sent it, one says they haven't gotten anything! People this is MY life you are dealing with!!!! AGH! If you already can't tell I am very feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and everyone's behavior is definitly not helping.
The sad part is, if the boys where actually behaving, they could be playing WOW! But since they continue this behavior, it is looking like only C will get computer time today. Lucky her!!!
Thinking I will serve lunch and R and I will take a nap and everything will be better after we wake up!
Thanks for listening. Venting definitly helps ~ number one reason for my blog:D
hoping you are having a better day than I am :)  I am working on the positive~ we still have a roof over our head right?!

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