Monday, January 24, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference

Ok, so M had a parent teacher conference tonight. We left him home, thought it would be easier. Well it was easier for us, but poor C was watching R for us and well, M was completely out of control. We told him to stay in his room. That if he was not in his room the whole time we were gone, he would have to go to bed when we got home. We should have known better. What were we thinking?!?!?! Thank God nobody got hurt, he just got R all wound up and acting crazy with each other. Now he is at it again! Yelled at hubby to shut up and m ind his own business and to leave him be, while he is yelling at me...I don't know how we are going to get through this.

Anyway, conference, he is such a different person at school. He is doing so well! According to teachers anyway. His grades are awesome and if it weren't for late assignments, he would have straight A's. With the things he tells me that happens at school, I would expect there to be other issues. But they say no. He is a good student. No problems or very few...What gives?

How can he be two totally different people? I know kids in general are better for other people than they are their parents, but really? Come on?! I mean a total 180 different.

So much for thinking, or rather hoping, the school was finally going to put him on an IEP. They were supposed to be testing him last week and this, they still haven't. So if they don't put him on an IEP, or they won't help pay the tuition part of RTC then we wait until he is 12 and keep sending him to the state hospital. Not really something I want to do. Not at all.

I am not sure how hubby thinks I should feel about M. Or that I need to be there for him, no matter what.

If you have one child with special needs and one without, do you ever feel like you have to choose between the two? Like I am scarring R for life because of the things M does, or that I might lose R if we should split up because of M? I just don't get it. I love both of my children with all of my heart and would do nothing to hurt them. So why do I feel like I am hurting both of them?

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  1. I hear you there have a set of autistic twins and while they are crazy at home, they are precious little angels at school. Makes my head spin everything at home is a whinefest, but at school they are well behaved nice manners I honestly don't know what gives