Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It has been almost two weeks since M's medication change and I am going insane! He is absolutely drives me up the wall and my patience has been tested and then some. I am thinking this is definitely not the change we wanted!!!! He was taken off Seroquel and put on Clonidine. He had been on clonidine before, but it didn't work. I was reminded that it was awhile ago, it could be different this time. Ok, so far he is not like he was the last time, however it is not working. He has been on so many meds, it is hard to decide what to try this time. He is currently on Vyvanse, Zoloft, and now clonidine.
The main reason he was taken off of Seroquel was because of his appetite. It hasn't worked super for a long time, but it definitely was better than this!
What has your child been on?
or you?
Any suggestions on what to do now?
Oh yeah, did I mention we have to look for a new dr.?  He is currently seeing a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner whom I praise up and down!). Anyway, she is retiring in March. This will be the 4th dr. change.
Anyone with advice on that one too?

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