Monday, January 24, 2011


We finally had a nice morning. Yay!!!! There could be two different reasons for this. 1. My husband was home...2.We started him on Abilfy. Ok, I guess three reasons...3.He worked at it and was feeling good this morning. I guess I will find out tomorrow since my hubby will be at work in the am. But today was nice. How awesome it is to start the day getting along and no fighting, yelling, screaming, swearing, hitting, throwing, etc.

This weekend started rough, although I am not sure when rough stopped! He made some threats about his principle at school and with the mood and mind set he has been in, we were all kinda worried. So, I brought him to see an on call children's counselor. He fought with me the whole way there. Told me he was not talking to some gay person. Ok, so this was the first time he had to see a man. Boy did he let this counselor have it. Swore at him, told him he wasn't talking to him. Yelled at me that all this was my fault. And on and on. There were times that if I closed my eyes, I could see his dad saying those things to me. M is getting to sound more and more like his dad~which is really scary. We were going to admit him to an acute behavioral hospital 1 1/2 hours away. It would have been awful getting him there, but is that was what we had to do, then so be it. Naturally they did not have any open beds. So we were put on a waiting list. He is still home.

M went to his dad's after that appointment. His dad lets him do what he wants so there weren't too many problems there. M came home Sat. after ice skating and kinda stayed down in his room. We had some trouble but not terrible. Sunday he wanted to go ice skating. i had no cash to give him so I said no. He got mad, said he was going to his dads to get money. Well, not 20 mins later he was home crying. He got bit by a dog. I so hope he was telling me the truth, but you never know. This big black lap got out of the gate when his owner was trying to get out. Jumped on M and bit him on the elbow and the back by his shoulder blade. M is ok. Just superficial wounds and scared. We called the police and reported it and went to the er. (which is quite funny and coincidental, but that story is for another time). He is fine, no stitches, nothing broken.

Guess what? If he would have stayed home like he was supposed to, or if he didn't go down an alley that is further down the road than his dad's; he would not have gotten bitten. I told him this and I just got a glare! Oh well, he is safe and home, that's what matters.

I hope you all have a good week and I will be back again! No telling when ;)

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