Sunday, December 12, 2010

Today's Positive Words :)

Christmas is love in action

It's the time
of year when we are all most generous ;)

~ I think
this may be one of the reasons why this time of year can be stressfull!
We try so hard to give so much of
ourselves and look for the perfect gift, that we stress over it. Sometimes we
have to remember that we are only human
and are not perfect. We can only give so much and
search so hard.

I know when I
do my christmas baking I stress out alot. Especially if it is not coming out the
way I want it too. It's not "perfect".

Then I am not happy with anything I made, so I make more trying to get the
'perfect' ones to come out. I will only give the "perfect" ones to

This year I vow not to worry about making the
perfect item. I will do the best I can and just enjoy baking with my kids. Thats
the way its supposed to be :)

So whatever
it is you stress out about during the holiday, I hope you take a step back and
give yourself a break. We do what we do out of love, to show our love, and love
is not "perfect"!

If you have anything tips on how to destress your
season or just want to share what you stress about go ahead and make comments!
We are here to share :)

God Bless you.

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