Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Morning! Happy Wednesday :)
- I realized yesterday as I was going through my coupons that I made a mistake with some of the ones I posted in coupon resources. While the outside of the coupon inserts looked the same between the two papers, the insides were very different. The World Herald, naturally had many more. Next time I will do both papers seperately!
While I thought I knew completely what I was doing with couponing and saving money, I found there were tons more ways to save! Some things that I have not event hought of doing!
One of the first things I learned was to clip all the coupons I had and to clip  all the online ones! You never know when you may need it!!!
When looking in ads, don't only look for things that you need but remain open minded to anything that might have a coupon. You just may be ablet o get something free and turn it into a gift for someone or donate to charity! If its free what can it hurt?!
I am going to run to Walmart and Walgreens today and let you know the deals I find.
Also, as I am going through my emails, I will post anything that shows a good deal or something usefull!
If you have any comments or questions feel free to post and don't forget to share this with someone! Anyone!!!!

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