Saturday, November 27, 2010

Late Happy Thanksgiving ;)

Well, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I know I did. It was a very busy last couple of days. If you went Black Friday shopping, I hope you found what you wanted too! I have decided that due to Christmas I am going to use postive sayings, qoutes, bible verses, ect. geared to the Christmas Spirit~it's hard to be negative when thinking about the beauty of Christmas. (As long as you can forget some of the costs associated with it!)
One of the best parts of my day after Thanksgiving I really gave thanks to my son (one of the 3). He has been very emotional and defiant lately and Friday he was the most wonderful little boy in the world. I like it when I get glimpses of the real little boy on the inside instead of this emotional defiant little boy, though at 11 he is not so little.
Until next time, I wish you all a very blessed night.

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